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rediet haile

Confederation vs Constitution.
The dIfference between the two would be, In confederation i think we see that the government is believed to be powerless. They could not even poss taxes they could only ask the state for contribution and also there was no independent exicutive as in constitution there was a supreme legislature, executive and judiciary power.
The constitution regarded a slave as three-fifths of a free man.
I think The bill of rights gave the people at that time a sence of security that their rights where being protected. The minority where protected from the majority.


After reading chapter 6, we can notice many differences between the Articles of Conferation and the Constitution of the US,But from my point of view the most obvious differences are the following:
1- In the Articles, the executive doesn't have power. The President of the U.S merely presided over the congress, which is not the same with the Constitution. In the Constitution,the President heads the Congress and he choses the Cabinet, he has checks on power of judiciary and legislature.
2- With the Articles of confederation there is no control of trade between States. Unlike the Articles, the Constitution emphasizes the control of interstate commerce by Congress.

- About slavery,the constitution doesn't use the words "slave" or "slavery". The government is given the power to restrict the slave trade and it says that if people held to service and labor in one state, and they escape to go to another state, this state must not freed them by its laws.
- The constitution does not mention political parties anywhere.

- The only crime mentioned in tne constitution is "treason". I think they mention that at this time first, because the U.S were a young nation, fighting to definitively be freed from the British.
Also,loyalty is the foundation of a strong and united family,therefore a strong nation.

- From my point of view and understanding, the "bill of right" accomplish the vows of quakers saying that all the human being are equals. Also it does express that Americans respect all human and his right even if he's the baddest citizen. Evrerybody has the right to be free but at the same he has to respect and obey the authority of the law.

kwame sarfo

when i read chapter 6, the differnce between the constitution and the articles of confederation was that , the constitution is the absolute law of the nation and the plan for the federal government and the states that controls everybody in the country whiles the articles of confederation was the first report to enclose the national government.

the constitution does not mention slavery nor political parties,in
oher words slavery was abolished by the government.
Bribery and treason was the only crime the constitution mentioned and its in there because it discourage people from commiting same mistates.

in my point of view overy document in the bill of rights accomplish protecting the lower from the highest, also the majority from the minority, supported freedom of speech and of the press.

Alma Ramsey

The obvious difference between the Article of the Confederation and the Constitution of the US is the Article of the Confederation gave the Federal government very little power to govern the states. In the Article of the Confederation the Federal government couldn’t tax the states; the country was basically at the mercy of the states. The Constitution also created the three branches of government. The number of houses is also a difference in the two documents; the number of representation per state was different in the Constitution versus that of the Article of the Confederation.
The Constitution didn’t address slavery, I feel because the delegates from states that opposed slavery didn’t want to alienate the Southern states’ delegates and they wouldn’t support the Constitution of the US. The Federalist and Antifederalist seem to be the early groundwork of what we now know as the two major political parties, Republicans and Democrats. The crime of treason was the only crime mentioned in the Constitution because it would prevent those that didn’t support the Constitution from trying to overthrow the new government.
The Bill of Rights preserved the rights of each citizen. It also appeased the Antifederalist and those who strongly opposed the Constitution of the US.

Juan P. Arze

Articles of Confederation vs. the Constitution.
The articles of confederation are an important part of history. They were the structure of national government. Sovereignty of each state was its major purpose. They decentralized the national government to prevent taxation.
The constitution, The federalist were people who defended the constitution. The were very organized writing papers such as "The Federalist" a number of essays the conveyed the need for the government to be strong. It was created to revise the articles.

Patrick Sheehy

The key difference between the articles and the constitution is the amount of power given to the federal government. The articles came from a highly anti-authoritarian point in American history, the constitution- a little later. Treason is the only crime mentioned by the constitution, likely because it was the only federal law the framers envisioned as being necessary.

Patrick Sheehy

Additionally, the constitution fails to address slavery in any real way due to the strength of the southern states, Virginia most of all, at it's framing.

Monique Ricks

Treason was the only crime that i can see mentioned, and to me that is understandable.I mean,the Constitution speaks a lot about freedom, equality(although i do question that sometimes when it comes to the way people are actually treated because they are different)But all in all the Country does have more freedom than most.The VIII did mention something pertaining to abolishment of slavery even though it didn't go into affect until years later.

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Eugene Garner

Isn't the history of the creation of the Constitution, and the blueprint of checks and balances that evolved from both the Articles of Confederation and Constitution totally amazing.

The bottom line of the founding fathers after years of debate, study and collaboration was a Constitution that guarantees the inalienable rights, freedoms and property of the INDIVIDUAL. NOT the esrablishment of a monolithic all powerful single state.

The Tenth Amendment states the Constitution's principle of federalism by providing that powers not granted to the federal government nor prohibited to the states by the Constitution are reserved, respectively, to the states or the people.

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